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The MySQL PS gig I'm working this week is in Dallas, inside a really cool looking building with the really lame name of "Infomart". The building itself is a very obvious homage to the old Crystal Palace.

When I saw it, I knew what my project365 picture of the day was going to be for a few days.

Today, I came in early, and set my camera up on it's tripod for a great shot up the interior at the stack of 6 escalators, when some rentaguard came up to me.

Sir! Can I ask you why you are taking pictures of the building!?

Because it's a cool looking building.

I'm sorry, sir. You can't photograph the building. Inside or outside.

Ok. And I fold up the camera and put it away.

Morons. I'm sure it's policy that the guards are tasked with enforcing, but it's an idiotic and moronical policy. And forbidding photographing the outside is not only stupid, it's not even legally possible. I'm still going to take that picture. And a picture of the glass fountain next to me right now. And a picture of the outside.
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Mark Atwood
Originally uploaded by juliancash
Julian Cash, an amazing photographer, artist, and connector of cool people, took this Edible Light photo of me at FOOcamp 2007.
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While at a party North Bend, I came across pile of hot naked adolescent chicks. Enjoy. )
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Heroin, fifteen bucks a pack
Heroin, 15 bucks a pack
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I saw this sign while I was walking down Broadway Ave in CapHill last Saturday.
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Image by my brother-in-law, probably arranged by my niece.
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There are a pair of Daleks standing guard at Paul Allen's corporate headquarters building, across the street from Uwajimayas.


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