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My sister Suzanne had to cancel the annual family holiday gathering at her house. My nieces and nephews have a pox upon them. Poor guys!
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See what Gaius Baltar was doing [NSFW] when he sold out Colonials.
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Two things I wish in retrospect I wish I had taken a picture of but did not, the past few days.

My very hot date, with a nice big gun in her hand, blowing holes in pieces of paper.

My cat, with her usual aplomb, picking her way around and over the joists, insulation, and assorted junk, having found an interesting hole, and wandering around inside the walls of my house.
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Pink Octopus

My sister and my niece. This is one of the best kid costumes I've ever seen.
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I've just dumped a couple of pictures series to my Flickr account.

The Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co storefront, the Building were the Cthulhu movie was filmed, and a flowering bush next to [livejournal.com profile] intrepid_reason's home.

I couldn't get my camera's macro mode to lock on to the flowers and bees in the bush. Can anyone tell me what kind of plant it is? Update: I'm told from two different sources that it's a Hibiscus Syriacus, sometimes called a "Rose of Sharon"


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