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Having two old cats, and living in a room with old wood floor, means having rugs that can be washed, at least twice a week.

It's actaully rather cathartic and meditative, to take up the rugs, take them out and beat them, then stuff them in the washer, and then return to my room and sweep. In a couple of hours, I will have nice clean rugs down on the floor, next to a nice tightly made bed, and it will make me feel good.

One nice thing about working from home is, I can do things like that, as meditative breaks every hour or so from the braincooking work that is writing software.
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Birki sleeps and dozes. The IV infusion pump ticks like a muffled clock.

She's on top of one of my shirts, and has padding and soft blankets provided by the clinic. Most of the time, my hand is against her flank.

The tech is supposed to be back momentarily with more hot water bottles for her. They just had to rerun her bloodwork, there was "a problem" with the first run.

Online research is telling me she's a very poor candidate for dialysis. (And the nearest vet dialysis center is at UC Davis, and would cost about seven hundred per week, for the rest of her life.)

The hormone therapy that would fix her renal related anemia works wonderfully well in trials, but... it's not yet being manufactured.

I hate being somewhere were the tech level is not sufficient for my needs. A synthetic feline kidney should be a standard off-the-shelf item, stocked by all vet surgical clinics.

How the hell am I going to get her home?
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Birki is very very sick.

When she arrived she was a little slow and unsteady. I figured she would improve as she recovered from travelling. But as she didn't, I started thinking that I would take her to the vet when I got back. Then that I would take her to a local vet that works on [livejournal.com profile] jatg's cat Beowulf. And then this afternoon, as she just kept getting more lethargic and unsteady, that she was going to the emergency clinic tonight.

Her kidney related bloodwork values, are really really bad. And her other values (red blood cell count, etc) are such that as she rehydrates under the IV, they will go bad as well.

She's spending the night at the clinic. Tuesday morning, when the regular vet clinics reopen, I will have to transfer her there. And also figure out how I'm going to get her home...

Merry Christmas.
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A few minutes ago, there was a tap-tap-tap on my door. I opened it to reveal a trio of young girls, who chorused "can we pet your kitties?!". They probably know of my guys' existance because they will sit in the big window and watch the world go by.

So I let the girls sit in the entry way, with the door open, and pet Birki and Kidde. Sasha, of course, being the `fraidy cat she is, had disappeared under the bed. The girls asked if she would come out.

The pity is, if I had let these girls sit on the couch for five minutes, Sasha probably would have come out to be petted, given how much she likes women. But given the insanity of parentkult-thought, and me being a "strange" single guy, it wouldn't have been social wise.

Still, it was cute and pleasent.
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(so [livejournal.com profile] jezel won't bug me about it) The guys have an appointment next Wednesday.
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The first firecracker of the holidays just went off. Sigh.

My poor cats.
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Kiddi snores.


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