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I've just checked in a small update to the s3-tools

I've removed the dependency on the Perl package XML::Simple, and replaced it with calls to XML::LibXML, which will have already been loaded because Net::Amazon::S3 depends on it.

I really dislike doing what should be a minor update via CPAN, and having a cascading set of added dependencies cause CPAN to pull in the whole world. So I shall swim upstream, and remove unneeded dependencies.


The tarball can be had at http://fallenpegasus.com/code/s3-tools

The Mercurial repo is at http://hg.fallenpegasus.com/s3-tools
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/* detecting total precision loss when subtracting two floats */
/* if exponent of the larger of A and B,
minus the exponent of the difference of A and B
is greater than the number of digits of the mantessa,
it's now basically zero, all information lost, that is,
it is smaller than the smallest number representable
by a normalized float with an exponent the same as
the larger of A and B */
int istoosmalldiff_f (float a, float b)
float m_frac, d_frac;
int m_exp, d_exp;
m_frac= frexpf(fmaxf(a, b), &m_exp);
d_frac= frexpf((a - b), &d_exp);
/* my libc doesnt define FLT_MANT_DIG, foo! */
/* just hardwire 24 for floats */
return ((d_exp - m_exp) >= (24-1));

Did I get this right?
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I want to write a OpenID Provider. Initially with a very basic web "look". Add skinning, CSS, branding. Pluggable modules for user attributes and auth techniques.
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I want to write a little daemon that runnings locally and listens on a localhost port, which "speaks" iCalDAV, and then connects out to the GCal service. This way existing iCalDAV clients such as Evolution or Apple iCal can 2way interop with Google Calendar.
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One of my little open source projects is rem2ics, which converts the db from the remind calendaring app into RFC2445 iCalendar, which can be used by Mac iCal, Google Calendar, etc.

My app outputs DURATION attributes instead of DTEND attributes, because it maps better onto what remind hands it, and I didn't want to have to do the annoying calendar math.

As I say in my comment on that part:
 # It's convienient that RFC2445 defines DURATION, thus we
# don't need to calculate DTEND, with awkward figuring out
# crossing hours, days, months, year, etc. Instead we
# will let the iCalendar consuming application worry about it.

Well, according to the bug report I just got, it looks like both eGroupware and Sunbird get this wrong. Or maybe I get it wrong. I don't have time right now to look at it deeper, unless someone wants to spend a little money (that will change my priorites!)
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I like posting pictures to Flickr. FerEx, yesterday I posted a 132 pictures of Art Cars that I took yesterday at the Fremont Fair.

I do bulk posting with a little Perl tool called flickr_upload. Today, I tore into that code to see how it worked, and while doing so, added handling of some features that Flickr has added to their upload API. So it now handles overriding the set default "safety_level", "content_type", and "hidden" attributes of the uploading images.

I've sent my patch back to the maintainer registered in CPAN, but I've also put it online here.

What I had wanted to do was be able to override the default license. Flickr defaults images to "All rights reserved", but has the option of setting various Creative Commons licenses. Most of my photos on Flickr, I set to "Attribution-NonCommercial".
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This is a test to a hack to my old copy of ljupdate, to add the Location property

Update: and it worked! Would have been nice if the LJ protocol docs had actually given the actual name of the property!


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