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When I was a kid, the smell of coffee, especially stale machine drip coffee, evoked "travel" for me. Because the only time I smelled the stuff was when I was in an airport, a diner, or a motel.

Today, it's the taste of Starbucks Green Tea Frap, that make me feel like I'm travelling, because about the only time I buy one is when I'm at an airport
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In the mid-90s I was working for a very small business network troubleshooting company, that was owned by my cousin Clark and his friend. We all were at a nice business lunch to celebrate getting a big client. We went to a steakhouse I hadn't been to before, and the special of the day was New York Steak.

What was brought out to me was the steak, a bare baked potato, and a tray of sauces and spices for the potato. I proceeded to load up my potato, especially from a bowl of what I thought was sour cream.

And then I took a big bite.

I didn't know that New York Steak was traditionally smeared with ...

... horseradish sauce.

Horseradish was never my favorite thing, but after that experience, the only thing that I find it palatable in, and only in very small quantities, is sashimi.
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A few days ago, while shopping at the market, I observed a waxed cake of Wensleydale, complete with a label showing Wallace and Gromit. On a lark, I bought some.

It's yummy!

(According to Wikipedia, Aardman had Wallace like Wensleydale merely because it was amusing to animate him speaking the word. This passing pop culture reference saved the Wensleydale Creamery, which was at risk of going out of business.)
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I saw this, and thought of [livejournal.com profile] elfs...

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Lentil Pilaf cooks in a rice cooker just fine.

Convienient and yummy!


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