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This was taken at Mission Cliffs Climbing Gym in San Francisco on 20071123. This is my first time ever bouldering in a climbing gym. My sister [livejournal.com profile] jatg ran the camera.

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This was taken at Mission Cliffs Climbing Gym in San Francisco on 20071123. This is my first time ever in a climbing gym. My sister [livejournal.com profile] jatg ran the camera, and her gf [livejournal.com profile] clymerchick belayed me.

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After a pause of several weeks, my body was craving some physical exertion, so I just went to and got back from the gym. I did whole body. The arms & chest set. Shoulders, back, low back. Legs, lifts, curls, aduct and abduct. As heavy as I could do.

I'm gonna be sore tomorrow.

Gym. Chest.

Feb. 9th, 2007 11:51 am
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I'm back to regularly going to the gym. Or at least, I've gone on Monday, Wednesday and today Friday this week. Monday I did legs, Wednesday I did back and shoulders, and today I did chest and arms.

I did 8 sets of the chest burner circuit, with a pair of 27.5lb dumbbells for the presses, flys, curls, and shurgs. And I moved up to a 50lb dumbbell for the tricep lift.

According to the scale I'm now exactly at 220lb.

I think I need to buy some workout shake powder to eat afterwards.

Gym. Legs.

Oct. 26th, 2006 11:45 pm
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Today at the gym was legs. It would have been yesterday, but yesterday I barely had enough motivation to eat.

gym details )

Todo, for reporting. Get a good pair of scales and weigh myself each morning. And start recording and reporting my metrics on the crosstrainer.
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Today was the back and shoulders circuit. I've been working on getting us to the gym earlier, and we were there at 10am today.

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I am occationally told that posting my gym workouts is inspiring to other people. Is it? I think it is to me, to see other's. If any of y'all are working outas well, share! Post what you do.
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I skipped gym on Wednesday.

Today was shoulders and back.

  1. Circuit x3
    1. Machine Rotary Lats, 130lb x6
    2. Machine Straight Row, 130lb x6
    3. Machine Back Extention, 270lb x10
    4. Machine Rotary Row, 130lb x6
  2. Static Upper Abs, center, left, right, 20sec x3
  3. Static Lower Abs, center, left, right, 20sec x3
  4. Cross Trainer, aerobic, 25min

Gym. Chest.

Oct. 2nd, 2006 11:00 pm
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Gym today. Since it was Monday, thus Chest, we did "The Evil Chest Circuit"(tm). It goes as follows:

  1. reverse incline dumbbell press
  2. standing alternating bicep dumbbell curl
  3. incline dumbbell press
  4. standing dumbbell shrug
  5. dumbbell press
  6. tricep dumbbell pullover
  7. reverse incline dumbbell fly
  8. standing alternating bicep dumbbell curl
  9. incline dumbbell fly
  10. standing dumbbell shrug
  11. dumbbell fly
  12. tricep dumbbell pullover

I did three x8 of those, with 25lb weights in each hand. Remember, this is a circuit, so that's 8 reps of an exercise, then move to the next, and so on.

We were so beat that we literally forgot to do the daily ab workout.

We did do 25min of aerobics on the crosstrainer. Normally, it takes 10min for my body to stop rebelling, and then the rest of the time is okay. Not today, I wanted to stop every single minute.
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So [livejournal.com profile] jatg tells me that I should resume LJing my gym sessions. I used to do so in excessive detail, before I "fell off the wagon" about two years ago, right about the time 1) went to that year's bicamp, then went fishing in Alaska with my dad and brothers, and then 3) moved.

So, yes, I've been going to the gym again. In fact, being currently unemployed, I've really been taking advantage of the time to do so. I've been workout buddies with [livejournal.com profile] solomoning. We got to the 24 Hour Fitness in downtown Seattle.

Mondays are for chest, for which he has worked out a truly fiendish circuit that cooks the chest in three bands: top, middle, and bottom, and in two sides: outer and inner, while mixing in bicep curls, tricep pullovers, and shoulder shrugs.

Wednesdays are for legs. We do a circuit on a set of nautilus machines, doing leg extensions, leg curls, hip adductors, and hip abductors.

Fridays are for shoulders and back. We do a circuit on a set of nautilus machines that do assorted rows and pulldowns, and a back press.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we also do abs. I do three sets for each of middle, left, and right, in the upright hanging frame, and then three sets on an ab board, again for middle, left, right. This does upper and lower abs.

Every weekend, Monday thru Friday, we do time on the Elliptical Crosstrainer, programmed for aerobic exercise. My doctor told me a few weeks ago that according to my bloodwork, I can get the bad cholesterol count down now with aerobic exercise, or I will have to start taking the pills in another decade. I'm elected to do it this way.

So, today, being Wednesday, we did legs.
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Yesterday, on the way home at about midnight, I was suddenly full of unusual energy, so I stopped at the gym...

gym )

Sharp eyes will notice that 1) that's a LOT, and 2) it's full body.

Maybe I overdid it...
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After about a year and a half break, I walked back into my old 24 Hour Fitness gym, and signed up again. I had told my friends and family I was going to do it in March, so, here I am.

Prepare for regular updates on the strength and weight metrics.


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