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Friday evening, after work, I drove up to Lynnwood for Tasia Mulligan's birthday party. After circulating a bit, socializing some, and meeting some people, I thanked Tasia for the invite, and headed south.

I stopped at House Nubility, and met up with Jess, Theo, and Antonio. After a great deal of getting ready, losing things, finding them, losing them again, leaving the apartment, going back to the apartment, breaking into the apartment (it seems someone's keys were not in their purse...), we all headed to SoDo Seattle, to the Motor venue, to listen to DJ Randall Glenn "spin some sweet beats".

I didn't dance at all, my legs were more than a little stiff and painfully sore from workouts at the gym, and from walking around so much the past few days.

So I people-watched. I would say that most of the kids there were half my age or less, and dressed in a fun odd amalgam of brightly colored candy raver, black goth, and all natural colors rural Washington (aka "grunge").

The beats were sweet, the eye candy was pretty, the company was warm.
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Thursday, after work, I went to Remedy and shared a couple of pots of tea with Sarah Elmore.

Then I walked down the hill to meet up with Cunning Minx and for Seattle First Thursday Art Walk. I had forgot to wear my Fitbit, so all that walking didn't counted in my Fitbit.com score. Sadly, Minx only had a short amount of free time, and I got a bit turned around downtown, so we just barely missed each other. Sad. Over SMS we tentatively planning to meet up for the next First Thursday (which I later had to email her to change, since that will be the day of the next Ignite Seattle).

I then walked over to the 619 Western building, mostly to see Gabriel Cain, who was working in his studio space there shooting walk-in portraits "Be Seen - Social Networking Portrait Special". As I was approaching the building, I bumped into Frank Heidt, who was there only because I had forwarded to him (and many other Seattle locals) the Facebook event for Gab's shoot. He was thankful that I had, because he lived downtown, and yet had never heard of the First Thursday Artwalk before. Just as I was about to enter the building, Christine and Julia came out, they had already walked all the art.

I went up to the top floor, to Gab's studio. He was there along with Lis. I got there at an opportune moment, and got to stay in the studio during a closed-door private shoot of someone else. Then Gab shot a number of good pictures of me, and I paid for 4 of them, and left it up to his judgment which 4 were the best ones.

I still need to buy a print or two of his more formal portrait session that we did last December.

I then worked my way down the each of the floors of the building, looking at most all of the art on exhibit. There was a surprising amount of new stuff. It also looked like many of the artists were on a Valentine's theme. There was a great deal of stuff relating to attraction, love, romance, desire, and lust.

I saw a couple of pieces that I wanted to shoot a snapshot of to share with a friend of mine, since I could tell they were the sort of thing she would like. I didn't, because the artist wasn't nearby to ask, and it seemed more than a little rude to take a photograph of a 600 dollar painting at it's own exhibition.

Once I was done with the 619 Western building, I walked over to Pioneer Square, to the Utilikilts store, for the gallery opening of Michael Holden's Burning Man Photos. The prints were amazing huge and trippy, and reminded me of being back on the Playa.

While I was there, I struck up a conversation with a cute young (tr|h)ippy chick who told some really fun stories about her rather interesting life. I bought a piece of jewelry from her, a colored stone wrapped in silver wire.

Then I walked the 3 miles back up the hill to home.
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I'm winding up tasks and paperwork for my current job, as a "MySQL Professional Services Senior Consultant" (e.g. I fly to gigs and look at MySQL Server configurations) and am transitioning to a different position inside Sun. New job, new division, new boss, doing a bet-the-company-on-this project. Wheee!

One of the pieces of paperwork to wind up was an Engagement Summary for a gig I did last October, in Minneapolis. Bad Consultant! Yesterday evening I nailed myself to an uncomfortable chair, took a morning dose of Provigal, and started hammering away on it. Come sunrise, I took another dose, hammered some more, took [livejournal.com profile] krow to the airport, came back, hammered some more, and finally finally got it done. It was interesting, good and bad, because I had to whip off some Perl scripts to grind out timeing information from recorded logfiles that have spent the last N weeks sitting in encrypted partitions in my USB fob.

Getting that turned in was a major burden off my mind. Whew.

But now I had missed a nights sleep, wasnt in the slights bit sleepy, and was, in fact, a touch manic.

There is a meeting at Sun HQ relating to my new work, so I arranged travel, assuming that permission would be forthcoming. And it was, when I did a scheduled telecon with my new boss to be, getting final final confirmation of my transfer, and receiving my new tasking.

I still have N envelopes of receipts to process and submit, and a report about the evaluation gig I did this week. But I will do that while hotelled in a guest cubical in Menlo Park tomorrow.

After getting to a good stopping point, and having enough time before leaving for the airport myself, I called up Sierra the MassageFreek, with the outside hope she had an open slot. And she did. So hustled down to her studio, and she worked out the kinks from the night before, while I vibrated a bit on her table. Trot back up to the house, pack, and go.

This is just a one day two night trip, and I've gotten good enough at packing that I didnt even need the pullbehind carry on, everything fit in my shoulder bag.

This is my first time flying Virgin America, and I can really get used to it. Comfy seats, acceptable leg room, an amusing and engaging safety video, a fabulous male flight attendant right out of central casting, and best of all, in-seat power and wireless internet. Win.
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Continuing the tradition of feeling blah while keeping up the outside (mostly).

After posting yesterday, I slowly slogged thru more paperwork and receipts. My employer has send out emails requesting that all outstanding expense reports be submitted ASAP, as they refine their books for the upcoming merger. And I'm all for that, given how much all the hotel and car rentals and food-on-the-road has cost for the last several trips.

Let's see if they pay it as fast as they're asking us to file it.

After dropping off [livejournal.com profile] krow at the airport, I parked and found the lost&found. Only to find that it's open only during regular office hours. Grrrg! So I'm not going to be able to move Sol's stuff until at least Monday, for the lack of the key to his storage, which is on a keyring, in that suitcase.

I did finally go to the gym, doing a nice heavy chest and arms set, and a set of low abs.

My dad called. I think it's one of his goals / habits to form, to call each of his kids each week.

I went to Kelly&Stephanie's party, and met a couple of very interesting people, such as the guy who runs most of the raves in Seattle, the product manager of UtiliKilts, and an interesting guy named "Duckie D Albino", who is the guy with the pink skin, white hair, and in the pink suit in yesterday's Project365 photo.

Again, spent the night fighting my cats for pillow rights. This is getting old.

Today, even more low energy. I had told Helen that I would clean her apt for her while she was gone, since seemed pretty fair given that she's been dealing with my cats while I've been gone. And I realized that I have stuff to do Monday night and Tuesday night, and that she will be back Wednesday, so today is the day to do that.

So I'm over at her place, and have straightened and put away most all the stuff, and gathered up all the dirty laundry and dirty dishes, which I will run thru the appropriate machines at my house.
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I've recently been told that this my blog has been very vague about my life.

And on retrospect, they are right, it has become so. I used to post most of me to-ing and fro-ing, and also my workout information, and so forth. Not so much anymore. Part because writing so much about what I am doing can cut into the time to do things, part because I tell myself that the details of my life aren't all that interesting to my readers, part because this is also becoming more tech/geek, and gets federated onto PlanetMySQL (but only when I put the tag "mysql" on the posts), part because some of the more interesting parts of my life are also about other people who didn't ask to get blogged about, etc etc)

All good reasons, but I can still talk more about who I am and what I do, in those contraints.
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Bleah, not the best of days.

My car got towed again. Again, my fault. I parked next to a construction site (one of the many in this neighborhood). The last N times, there was no problem. This time, they brought in some heavy machinery, and it was in the way.

I got a call from my boss. I need to be in Minnesota on Monday morning for a two day gig. This is a task that had been on my calendar, then turned into "pending", and then vanished, and then today returned.

On a similar note, I'm already a day behind on the current gig, because my scheduler messed up the calendar and notifier. Not really her fault, my employer's internal business processes are some of the most high friction and messed up that I've ever experienced.

Because of all that, I had to cancel doing a favor for a friend, helping her take her cat to the vet. It's something that is very high stress for her, and I'm sorry I wasn't able to help.

Because I'm going to not be in town on Monday, I'm going to miss bowling, which means I'm going to miss seeing Amanda on her last time, as she leaves for Paris for 6 months on the 11th.

Because I'm going to not be in town on Tuesday, I'm going to to be able to take Bethieee to the airport.

I do have a commitment to Bethieee and to my other housemates to haul the rest of Sol's stuff from his room to his storage, stuff that he didn't move himself, because he ran out of time and energy before he left for Mexico last month. That's going to take a huge chunk of the weekend that I would rather not.

I'd rather spend it on, say, the Bondage Kinetics workshop that I had been invited to. But now can't fit in.

And my employer is being sticky about me living for the month of February in Hawaii. They've asked me to hold off on that until after the All Company Meeting. Which is the middle week of January. Asking me to hold off spending a month somewhere until two weeks before that month is pretty sticky.

They were apparently hoping to travel me a lot that month, and not even for storage engine work, but to shadow normal DBA PS troubleshooting gigs. I have less than zero desire to be a normal DBA troubleshooter. That's right down there with being a software tester again.

Project365 has been a dud so far today. I was originally going to photo the cat at the vet, but wasn't there for that. And then I was going to photo the car at the impound lot, and while I was there, it completely slipped my mind. I will have to shoot something tonight instead.

I finally got my smartphone syncing. Someone in RedHat/Fedora farked up the handling of Treos, and so I've not been able to sync it to the Thinkpad. Today I bought and installed TheMissingSync on the work MacBook, and then worked thru the frustration of making all that work, over bluetooth and/or USB. Having to reboot both my phone and my mac to get it finally working made me want to reach thru the ether, find a programmer at Palm and one at Apple, and proceed to beat them to death with their own keyboards.

And while I'm whining about work related stuff, my scheduler called me to let me know that our mutual boss had, well, to back up, our business processes are in an internal company MediaWiki. And the instructions on how to submit a gig timesheet were unclear and contradictory. I had got the howto from her, and what she said to do was something else entirely. So I reminded her that wiki's were made to be fixed. So she fixed it, and then our boss repremanded her, and undid her fix, so now it's wrong again. Words cannot express how much that makes my mind itch.
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For my New Year's Eve, I worked tech at Little Red Studio. At the rehersal the night before, I got the impression that there was only one musical number. I was wrong. When I got there at call last night, I learned there was an entire program to run, before the band played. And then, right before the show, half of the audio banks crashed. Nothing like chasing wires in the dark on a deadline... But we made it work, and only a few small glitches during the show itself.

I was luckyer than the tech crew doing the fireworks at the Space Needle. At quarter-to, the studio emptied out onto the sidewalks, so we all could watch that show. And it was pretty obvious that crew there was having problems. But still, once they got it going, it was fun to watch from so close.

I comp'ed in [livejournal.com profile] gipsieee, and showed her some behind-the-scenes, both at the Sunday night rehersal, and then during the show itself.

The band was "The Nasty Habits", a pretty good girl glam band, where all the girls were TVs.

Our guests and audience were pretty good. We had a full house, over 200 people, and most all of them were wonderfully dressed.

During my breaks from the audio boards, I spent time with my date, and circulated with the guests, and ran around cleaning up, squelching cameras, and heading off small disasters.

It was fun! :)
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Sunday. Travel.

Immediately after getting out of bed, I packed. Enough for just a couple of days, and I wore "nicer" slacks and a shirt, because wearing them was easier than packing. Reinflated the tire (I really must get that fixed when I return), and then Bethieee and I went to The Globe for breakfast with Adrianne.

The owner was in a mood, probably because of going out of business. Often the food was pretty good, and it did the whole woo-woo hippy vegan niche well, but... often they were out of stuff on the menu, they took the concept of "slow food" a little too literally, and owner and staff were often rather, unprofessional. So it's not a huge surprise, but I hope something fills the niche.

The ground approach to the airport was pretty backed up. So we "cheated" a bit, and went to Arrivals instead of Departures. Much less backed up, and all I had to do was jump out, and then walk up two flights of escalators. No problem.

SWA is trying something new with their boarding process, with numbers, instead of just ABC groups. I don't think it's very effective, it didn't board the plane any faster, and the ground crew had to keep explaining it.

The flight was uneventful. I fell asleep before takeoff, and woke up just before landing. My pickup was my brother [livejournal.com profile] pheonix_jade, on Holiday leave from the Army, with his lovely wife [livejournal.com profile] hearts_treasure riding shotgun, and my sister [livejournal.com profile] jatg and her gf [livejournal.com profile] clymerchick riding in the back seat.

My parents' home smelled of baking bread. Rocking back and forth in the kitchen there were 3 breadmachines, churning out the loaves. My parents give a loaf of bread to each of their neighbors each year.

That evening, we went to my mom's sister's home, to swap presents and socialize. Had a geeky conversation with my cousin Galen. He's an admin for the A/V network that links up all the Utah schools. It used to be this complex telco-like A/V distribution system, but now it's all just IP everywhere. MPEG4 over IP, SIP over IP, and just regular IP. Mostly they own their network all the way down to the metal, with leased dark fiber and, where necessary, their own microwave links. They use a lot of MySQL, so we swapped business cards.

That night, I stayed up way too late chatting with people back home.

Monday. Christmas Eve Day.

The annual drive down to Springfield for Christmas Eve with my nieces and nephews got canceled, as the kids had bad chickenpox and my sister [livejournal.com profile] wyckhurst just had run out of time to get ready, what with sick kids and an exploding business (The Good Mama, go shop there today!).

And it's just as well, because that afternoon it started snowing and blowing. Not the hardest I've seen, but still, not to drive in if it can be avoided. Over the day, my dad&mom, and Lma&Annette, and Jett&Lis dashed in and out on shopping errands, racing the snowfall.

We all sat down for a lovely filling turkey dinner. My brother Brent joined us as well, having fought the roads and the lack of snowplows down from Ogden.

We all watched the new Futurama movie, and it was surprisingly good.

I stayed up late into the night, hacking, and cursing at the MySQL build process and the documentation.

Tuesday. Christmas Day.

After breakfast, we all sat down and exchanged presents. I got toe socks, a bag of forest camo pattern hershey kisses, a warm red scarf made out of a very soft lofted microfiber called "minky", a Borders gift card, and a card from my parents with some dead presidents.

Other cool presents: My dad got from Lma a tie made from digital camo material. (He collects and wears ties that evoke his kids, kids-in-law, and things and places that are important to him.) He also got a great quilt from my mom. Lis got from Lma a pair of digital camo combat uniform pants, in the smallest shortest size the Army provisions. They fit perfectly, and will be great climbing pants. Jett got for them a huge sheepskin rug. It's Very Nice. Jett gave necklaces to my mom and to Annette, that are tough enough to be around kids. (My mom volunteers in the church nursery, and Annette works at a daycare.)

And the day isn't over yet...


Dec. 23rd, 2007 10:52 am
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At the Globe for breakfast with Bethieee & Adrianne. They are closing in 6 days!

Saw my cuz Dean Evans do his act last night. Was great.

Didn't go to burner xmas party last night.

flying to utah in a couple of hours


Dec. 9th, 2007 02:44 pm
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I got up at way too early, packed my bag, vacated my hotel room, printed my boarding pass (as always, finding a printer was a PITA), and took at taxi from the hotel to the DFW airport. The flight from DFW to SEA was almost empty, but still uncomfortable. AA's seat pitch is about 1/2 inch shorter then the length of my upper legs. Then a taxi ride from SEA to home. (This is what expense accounts are for.)

My cats had not left too much of a mess for me to deal with.

I met up my friend [livejournal.com profile] adrienne_r, and went to the Cirque Du Noc Dealer Bazaar. It was much fun, the selection and quality of stuff was better than years past. She and I did much in the way of teasing and quirked eyebrows and playing with some of the stuff, much fun was had. She almost bought an amazingly affordable leather corset, but the fit and style was not quite right, and that's one of those things that really must be perfect.

Back to the house, I did some more paperwork and some hacking, and then went to the MySQL holiday party, along with [livejournal.com profile] krow, [livejournal.com profile] ein_traum, and David Axmark, who was in town.

The party was at a restaurant / cooking school on the east coast of Lake Union. What this meant was that we all as a group had to cook our own restaurant meal, under the supervision of a trio of chefs. Despite my initial hesitation, I had a lot of fun, volunteering a bit more often than most of the others, and so got to do some fun stuff.

The meal itself was pretty good.

I had planned to go to the last half of the Cirque Du Noc Ball, which ran until 2am, , and had volunteered to help with cleanup after, but by 10p I was getting really really wiped out. So I sent out my apologies, and then crashed into a fitful sleep.
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When I last mentioned where I was and what I was doing, I was in San Francisco, couchsurfing with [livejournal.com profile] jatg and [livejournal.com profile] clymerchick (there is a success story for OkCupid). That Tuesday I went to Meerkat Manor, hung out with Julian et al, and saw more of the HCP project.

Wednesday, I flew back to Seattle, and spent the next three days in the city. Work. Friends. Go. Hacking a horribly written Perl script. Little Red Studio. Rain. Snow. Movie "Waitress".

Sunday I flew to Dallas, for MySQL "Bootcamp" training.

The class has been some interesting, some informative, as it fills in odd gaps in my knowledge. I've been using a green pen in the workbooks when I'm acting as a student, and a red pen, when I want to fix or change the workbooks.
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Sunday ) Monday ) Tuesday )

Still sick

Oct. 30th, 2007 11:24 pm
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Observations on being sick. Maybe a touch of TMI. )
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I think the plural of "mutex" is "annoyance".

I prefer to read in the nude, the way God intended.

Hi! I'm from the Church of Ethical Living and Bountiful Loving. Have you heard of casual sex? Would you like to know more?

What is the word for a plurality of lesbians? A "fist"!
And what's the plurality of gay men? An "enthusiasm".

That outfit is even more flamboyant than yesterday's.
But yesterday I was wearing FM boots, microskirt, and a bustier!
Yeah, but this dress has more colors.

Doesn't anyone have a television anymore? I wanna watch Desperate Housewives in an hour!
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Doing laundry, washing clothes, sheets, towels, and rugs.

Draining the hot tub. It really needs it.

I'm not at the Zombie Mob in Fremont right now, tho it sounds like fun.

Went to Dim Sum at 1pm today with [livejournal.com profile] intrepid_reason [livejournal.com profile] hollyking [livejournal.com profile] hollyqueen and someone else today. After about 15 minutes of driving the grid around the restaurant, looking for parking, I nearly burst with rage at all the Football fans who had filled up every spot in the IDist and in SoDo.

I did tech for LRS last night. The show went really well. [livejournal.com profile] omahas was my guest comp for the evening. She seemed to have had a ball. I got a lot of complements for my outfit, a formal shirt with a Mao collar, and a full 3/4 circle cape.

I spent a lot of yesterday in the company of [livejournal.com profile] adrienne_r. Spent a lot of time at Remedy hacking code while she knit, and we chatted. [livejournal.com profile] hvc joined us for lunch and some time at Remedy.

The code I was hacking was/is a Perl XS interface to [livejournal.com profile] krow's libmemcached library.

I have a gig, to write a specialized memory-based MySQL storage engine for a startup in darkmode. I have a week get it done.

[livejournal.com profile] hvc has taught me how to play Go. She still regularly beats me at it, but I'm getting better. I can even occationally beat GNU Go. Given that I'm no good at all at these kinds of deep thinking games, it's been pretty fun.
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Just got home about an hour ago from rehersal at Little Red Studio. Tomorrow night and the next night, I will be running audio tech for this week's show, "Intimate Spectacle". This show is less interactive than LRS's usual fair, the audience gets to sit back in the comfy seats and just watch.

I meant to spend the day coding on my Nirvanix library and slap utility, and to hack on the libmemcached memstat utility, but instead spent it sketching out idea for an Apache auth module, and editing a press release. Much thanks to [livejournal.com profile] omahas for helping with that.

Last night there were 5 people working together in the kitchen. This is a big house, but it's not a very big kitchen. We made spinich saag, which turned out yummy, but it was missing something, we're not sure what.

The internet connections at the Victrola and Remedy Tea get flakyer and flakyer, so I've been working at the Online Coffee instead. Which is too bad, the eye candy is great at the Victrola, and the #5 tea at Remedy has become a mandatory part of my workday. Online Coffee has many advantages, in that they have desks, good office chairs, lots of power outlets, and they don't crank up the music.

I've been really stressy the past couple of weeks, and I'm not sure why. Knotted stomach, clenched jaw, tight shoulders. I try to relax when I notice, but it doesn't help much. It doesn't help that my hands are hurting. Not my joints, just my hands. I think it's age and weather.

I took a specialized basic knotwork class last weekend. It was much fun.
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I think The Lid has come down, and Seattle's beautiful summer (the secret we try to hide from the rest of the world) has about come to an end. Today is cool and grey and dim, with the promise of more coolness, more greyness, and more dimmness to follow.

Several weeks ago I saw an odd couple. A very dyky dyke in her late 50s, and her very dyky babydyke girlfriend. Said young girlfriend was old enough to drive, probably not old enough to drink, and it was a coin-toss if she was old enough to vote. And yes, they were a couple, the way they were touching was not family or "just friends". Why is it that a Ff couple is able to get away with it, but a Mf or Mm would be gathering "ewww"s from all around, and an Fm would be raising eyebrows?

I attended the Little Red Studio start of season retreat this past weekend. It was social, it was fun, I ate entirely too much roasted meat, I met some really cool people. Art and theater geeks, instead of computer and net geeks, tho most of them had never heard of the modern construction of the term "geek". We did some exercises which were rather basic for theater types, and were utterly terrifying for me. We did a group skit brainstorming and then performance. And then we did guest-meet-greet-handle-handoff practice.

A few days ago, I saw a man who's face looked JUST LIKE an artists recontructions of a Neanderthal face from it's skull. He had a very heavy brow, a very low sloping forhead, very heavy eye bone ridges, and a huge heavy jaw that jutted far forward of his face, a small flat nose, and deeply set small round eyes, all on a very thick neck, over a very large but not fat body. And his face and head were pink and hairless.

I thought for a moment it was a pullover mask or something, but the flesh of his face was alive and expressive.

I'm sure he gets tired of being told he looks like a picture of a Neanderthal, but still, it was a very interesting and odd thing to see.
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Having two old cats, and living in a room with old wood floor, means having rugs that can be washed, at least twice a week.

It's actaully rather cathartic and meditative, to take up the rugs, take them out and beat them, then stuff them in the washer, and then return to my room and sweep. In a couple of hours, I will have nice clean rugs down on the floor, next to a nice tightly made bed, and it will make me feel good.

One nice thing about working from home is, I can do things like that, as meditative breaks every hour or so from the braincooking work that is writing software.


Sep. 7th, 2007 09:33 am
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I started the day with two telecons, both of which I think will become gigs. Then I went heads down reading yet another new REST API doc.

By mid afternoon, it had gotten really nice and sunny outside. At 3, I walked to the south end of the neighborhood, to [livejournal.com profile] adrienne_r's place. She needed someone to keep her focused while she put away huge pile of freshly washed clothes.

At 7, I went downtown, to the first Noonhat Happy Hour. It was an interesting and eclectic crowd.

I met the guy in charge of infractions at the municiple court (the guy who manages the org that takes your money for parking tickets), and helped him brainstorm out a solution to an awkward network security problem he had.

I met also two geeks, one with a great idea on using XMPP to help solve the distributed social graph problem, and the other newly moved to Seattle, with an idea for a startup. I gave them both my card, telling them to email me so I can send them links and email addresses to stuff and people they should know.

When I got done and overwhelmed there, I left, and realized I was downtown at almost 9pm on a Thursday, with open time. So I went to the Grind, I think for the 3rd time in a row. I spent the next 4 hours dancing and socializing.

There was a really cute couple who put on a great show. Watching with a friend, we decided that the couple had known each other for years. But chatting with them later, we learned that they had actually met at the Spot only last week. They just clicked really well.

After 1, when the Grind shut down and they threw eveyone out, a small group went to Denny's for bad food.

And then I came home and fell into bed...


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