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Does the Victrola Café put on the loud bad music just to try to drive out the laptop users?!
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Why has nobody informed me of Jonathan Coulton? Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go jam to "Code Monkey" again...
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It's been a fun week, leaving me feeling a bit drained, but happily so.

Right now, I'm at a FruitsNutsAndFlakes bookstore in Redmond, listening to a Gaia Consort concert.
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Do you listen to streaming music? If you want to keep listening, join Save Net Radio, or else on July 15th, most all the streaming music sources will be bankrupted.

Do you like small bands, local bands, indie bands? If you want them to keep getting their own royalty money, join Save Net Radio. Otherwise, the new rules require that all streaming royalty money be collected by the labels instead of the bands, and the band will be required to join, in order to be paid their own money! (Minus a significant "handling fee", of course.)
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Two observations:

YouTube / Google Video / MySpace Video can be an infinite time sink.

Most "professional" music videos suck, and are better made by fans.
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I'm a geek. I was a nerd, back in school.

And I actually like hip-hop. Rap. Beat poetry. I just don't like the topics of "niggaz, hos, and gangstas".

I've discovered that there is a new genre of music just for folks like me.


In 1999, Weird Al's "It's All About the Pentiums" was a ludicrous parody. Geeks rapping about computer geekery? Ridiculous! Well, now, it's not ludicrous.
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My dad occationally sings bits of music from his youth, back before he lost most of his chromatic hearing. It's always odd to finally hear the actual pieces.

The "mellow rock" music station at the Online Cafe that I'm sitting in right now is playing one of them. "Have I Told You Lately, That I Love You?"

Update. I am now amused that it is playing a cover sung by a female vocalist of "Poor Poor Pitiful Me". A moment of research in the Covers Project database suggests that it's an old recording by Linda Ronstadt. Didn't people actually listen to the lyrics?


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