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Rochester Minnesota Airport does wifi right. It's free, fast, and doesn't have a captive portal page.

(Update: it's not as good as I thought. They block all XMPP IM sessions. This makes me start thinking "deep packet inspection" and/or "transparent proxy". I'm going to write them a nasty letter.)
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Cool. The city of Bellevue has free WiFi as well. So I can sit in the Starbucks, and be online, and not pay SBC for the Starbucks connection, or ATTWS for the B&N connection next door.
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City of Kirkland has installed free public wifi that cover the downtown core and a couple of downtown parks. The connection is good, decently fast. I found an power outlet even!

The only problem was finding shade.

I also discovered that Wednesday's are Kirkland's farmer's market. Berries are in season and are cheap. I bought a half flat of mixed blueberries, blackberries, and rasberries for $10, and then found a sale and bought two full flats of blueberries for $36. Good for smoothes and for freezing.
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If you are running a Linux laptop that uses NetworkManager, you can get a list of every wireless network that NetworkManager knows about by doing

gconftool-2 --all-dirs /system/networking/wireless/networks

If you want to delete one, do

gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /system/networking/wireless/networks/BADNETWORKNAME

I find this useful when I'm in a venue, such as a tech conference, where there is both a free conference wireless network, and a paid wireless network run by the convention center. If you ever accidentally associate with the paid network, then whenever the signal strength of the paid network is higher, NetworkManager will prefer it to the free one. The fix is to delete the paid network data from the gconf database.
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I bought a tmobile daypass at 10:30am this morning at the Starbucks in Kirkland. It was the quickest/easiest WiFi near to where I was waiting. When I got back to CapHill this afternoon I went to the local Starbucks to use the rest of the pass. I had assumed that "daypass" meant that it worked for 24 hours, or until midnight, or something like that.

No. It shut off at 6pm.


I'm never going to buy a Starbucks tmobile pass, again.
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AT&T Wi-Fi service.

They did something smart. They have good and flexable CSR people at the other end of their tollfree techsupport number, who were able to help me work around something really stupid they did (see next paragraph).

They did something really really stupid. They require the latest greatest flashplayer to use their captive portal, Windows only. All a captive portal page need to have is a form or two to sign up and to sign in, all in pure HTML, with optional JS. But I guess that didn't have enough flash and sizzle for them...

And the newest airport security obscenity? (And I'm not talking about the war on hand lotion.) On Sept 2nd, the USPS will be pulling out all their in-airport mailboxes, citing "security reasons". This is not to say you can't mail stuff from the airport, no. But now you have to place stuff in a clear ziplock bag, with a little form with the adddress and a credit card number, and the airport will charge you seven dollars plus postage to "mail it home".


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